FcIN - Next days Ausilio and Pinamonti's agent will start talks about the renewal. The player wants to stay at Inter

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On May 19th Andrea Pinamonti will turn 18 and will be authorized to sign a new professional contract. Inter doesn't want to lose its golden boy and will reject Juventus and Barcelona interest in the young striker, making him sign a 5 years agreement. His agent Tullio Tinti started talks with Barça sports director Ariedo Braida, who appreciates Pinamonti for a long time. However FcInterNews.it understood that the striker from Cles wants to stay at Inter and subscribe the contract. His target is to remain at least one season more, sharing his time at U19 and first team. Next days Ausilio will meet Tinti to start negotiations and in the following summits an agreement will be set.

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