EXCLUSIVE - Pancev: "Inter was a great mistake, supporters have to know. I could win Golden Ball..."

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Where has Darko Pancev finished? FcInterNews interviewed him in exclusive, here are his words with which the former Inter player explains what happened during his period in Nerazzurro.

What are you doing now? Do you continuos to work in soccer world or you change totally your life? Your wife it’s a singer and you have 2 girls. I suppose you live happy…

10 years I was out of the football life, even though last time I was a sports director in FK Vardar in 2007 and now here I am after a long pause I'm back in the same work. My two daughters Nadica and Marija are now all grown up, so me and my wife Maja feel more free to do our jobs, because our daughters are already capable to do stuff alone now.

You won a Champions League with Red Star (and you scorer the determinant penalty). What did you remember about it?

Before I came to Inter I was in the first 5 best against/forward players in Europe, I achieved almost everything that a one player can win, I was the Golden Shoe in Europe and together with Savicevic 1991 we won second place for the best players in Europe,also known as the Silver Ball.

What is the best goal that you scored? And the most important?

There are many goals scored that are important and my goal phylosophy is that one goalkeeper can't tear apart the goals, each one should be important. 

You won also: “Golden Shoe” That means that you scored a lot of goals….

It's true that I scored lots of goals and it's true that I started amazingly in Inter, achieving 5 goals in 2 matches in the Italian Coup. But after that the games started of the Bagnioli coach together with some people from the club Bossi, and some other older players in the team, I saw that something's wrong and I felt that at the training sessions as well and I knew that there were gonna be some manipulations for me not to be in the game. And that happened, very fast without an explanation, the coach kicked me out of the team and me, gutted from the situation, I was in a fight with the coach and some people from the club, and that's how my adventure in Inter started badly and unfortunately ended badly as well. Some younger fans of the football should know that, no matter if I'm the most precious disapointment of Inter, still, in that club I never got a real chance. All of the football players know that if you get a chance on every 7th or 8th match, that you can be Pele or Maradona, that you can't ever get in shape with that kind of playing. All after this is only a history.

You signed for Inter. You started in Coppa Italia with 5 goals against Reggiana in 2 matches, but then you was not lucky…

That's an absolute truth, because of all the stuff I mentioned before. Because when as a player you will come from a team that played a really good football in a team that plays a very bad and unattractive football, how can you understand all that except that it's a very big mistake/error, even if I add the behavior of the team to me, that is very strange for one serious team, then that's a very catastrophic mistake.

What happened in Inter?

If you ask me, the group of people who acted like bosses in the team and who made the establishment of Bagnoli were the older players of Inter and you will find out yourselves who they are.

In is truth that you say: “Inter was my biggest error in my life”? Why?

Absolutely, because in the same time Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United are calling for me and you are going in that kind of club, then it is understandable that your career has been ruined. 

What did you remember about Serie A and Inter?

I know that Serie A in the time when I was, from 1985 till 2000 it was the strongest league in Europe. Nowadays the Italian League is on a very disapointing level and it is sure that nowadays the English, Spanish, German, French, even the Portugal league are above the Italian league with its qualities.

Do you continuos to see Inter’s matches on tv? And are you Inter’s fan?

Absolutely not. My two teams that I am a fan of, are only Vardar and Red Star, everything else after was only from commercial suggestion.

Did you feel bad in Milano? Supporters did not help you, they did not kind to you…Before you was a “cobra”, than you changed the nickname in “green lizard”...

All of that's happened was normal because I didn't even play. Unfortunately in that team many players that came and were strong and confident, got out of it as "green lizard".

Do you think also italian media ruined you?

I completely understand that I couldn't be supported by the media and them to go after one colossus like Inter. That battle for me was already lost and for sure the media which worked for Inter made everything to ruin my image. 

Do you think if you signed for other team, you could won the golden ball?

Absolutely yes. Because many sports media and big instructors and medias from Europe were putting me in the best football players in Europe.

Did you miss somethink of Italy?

As a country, Italy isn't a bad memory for me. For the country and its population and their traditions, I have amazing thoughts, I only talk bad about Inter and the proffesional part that are a bad memory in my mind, also I must admit that big part of the Inter players I had supporters out of them too, and I am very thankful to them about that. 

Do you still have friend there?

Absolutely,nowadays too. And I'm using this opportunity to send greetings to all of them, especially Nicola Berti, Alessandro Bianchi, Paolo Tramezzani and many others.

What do you think about Spalletti and this Inter? Could you comparate with your Inter? (that had a lot of problems in the past year).

After my kick out of Inter, that team showed that it knows to cause a success but that many often times it's making a crisis and many uncomfortable situations. That's nowadays too. Spaletti is a good coach, he worked amazingly in Roma, and I hope that he will be able to a good team and a good game like Mancini did 15 years ago. 

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