FcIN - Simonian is in Milan, Ardaiz is the newness

of Simone Togna
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Marcelo Simonian is in Milan and he works on a large number of negotiations. Ever Banega and Javier Pastore are two of the most famous players of his "team" but he is not in Europe just for the two of them. The nerazzurri's midfielder has many proposals but who wants to acquire his performances has to pay as much as Inter's management asks.
Pastore keeps being very esteemed in Italy, but he is doing great in Paris. 
Joaquìn Ardaiz is the real surprise of Simonian's journey to Europe: he is eighteen, striker and nicknamed "the new Suarez". Ardaiz is going to be offered to many clubs in Europa, Inter included. 

There is just a problem: he is a non-european citizen, otherwise he would have been in Italy for a while. Simonian is not his manager and he acts just as a mediator. The argentinian super-manager has met many teams in Italy and he is going to meet up with some french and german clubs. 

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