Inter offers 5 millions euro, Fiorentina asks for 10: now Borja Valero should...

of Alessandro Cavasinni
Source: Corriere dello Sport
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The negotiation between Inter and Fiorentina in order to bring Borja Valero to Milan begins to seem a soap opera. Yesterday, Piero Ausilio and Pantaleo Corvino (Viola's team manager) had a two-hour meeting, in which it was cleared up that the offering amounts to 5 millions euro, while Fiorentina asks for 10. Both of them are negotiable, but the real trouble is another one: the Fiorentina's management does not want to carry upon its shoulders the responsability to let the spanish player go, given that the relationship with the supporters can not be defined as pacific. 

Borja Valero loves Florence but the Inter's call is difficult to reject, so there just two possibilities: or the midfielder will stay without any new deal with Fiorentina, either he will take the responsability of the transfer, accepting all the consequences.

In conclusion. the deal is yet to come and Borja Valero is intended to be a nerazzurro, despite the delay of the negotiation. 


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